zondag 6 mei 2012

Dovahkiin, there can only be one

And so it begun, The Elder Scrolls took an arrow to the knee..

The recent anouncement of The Elder Scrolls Online has left me kind of mixed.
On the one hand i think it might be nice to have an mmo based on the Elders Scrolls series, but on the other hand i doubt they are ever going to catch that what makes the singleplayer Elders Scrolls so awesome in an mmo.

I mean it is just going to be another mmo with the same old same old, with the only difference being it is based in the world of the Elder Scrolls.

You are the chosen one, dragonborn, the only Dovahkiin... and so are the hundreds of other players waiting on you to finish and move on so they can finish their quest to report the slaying of another dragon.

You travel the roads of Tamriel together with your trusty companion,... and so are hundreds of others running past you, or jumping past you like they are playing the next Frogger, killing that dragon that just attacked you so you have no loot..

Maybe it is just that i am tired of mmo's lately, but i am just not interrested in another mmo.
I am really enjoying my (singleplayer) time exploring and slaying dragons in Skyrim without other players ruining  my immersion, my experience.

I am just tired of going into places designed for mmo play, designed to have several players there at one time, so that when you go there alone it becomes almost impossible to go on/complete quest objectives because of the huge spawn numbers.

True when SWTOR came out i was excited but i am hardly playing it, i do enjoy the storylines but that's about it.
Personally i would have rather seen a KOTOR 3, a singleplayer game would have been a much more pleasant experience.

I am tired of seeing great singleplayer games turn into mmo's, there is really no need for that as all we get is just another run of the mill mmo.

Sure i still (occasionally) log into an mmo whenever i feel like it but than i'll just play WoW for a while, i'll get everything i need in an mmo there.
I have tried so many mmo's only to realize after a while it's all just the same, it only has a new, fresh layer of paint and it makes us all feel good, until you realize you've been doing the same thing in your previous mmo's, it just had a different name.

I am sure we will see a quest to kill 10 dragons for a set of dragonscale boots in The Elder Scrolls Online, sure it beats getting a set of boots made out of rat hides but still..

I am also sure i will be checking it out, yes i am sure i will be playing it, afterall it is The Elder Scrolls Online, and i just happen to love The Elder Scrolls series, i might even be excited when i start playing but i am sure there won't be anything different about this mmo, besides the world/lore so after a while i will probably just return to Oblivion or Skyrim.

Of course there is always the hope, that i guess everyone has: This mmo is going to be different...
However one thing that has allready been said was the combat is not going to be anywhere near what it is in the singleplayer as that is apperantly not possible in an mmo... what??
First hint of this is going to be like any other mmo.

Now it has also been said, or rather tweeted by Pete Hines that this mmo will not affect the singleplayer Elder Scrolls series and i hope this is true, however knowing Bethesda that might very well change in the future, they are known to go for the money (which makes sense, it's a business afterall), just look at their xbox exclusive timed deal for the Skyrim DLC Dawnguard, so it would not surprise me if it will in fact have an impact on the singleplayer series.

Now i know that the mmo is being made by Zenimax and Bethesda Game Studios are the ones working on the singleplayer series, but that doesn't mean anything, it's just a different name under the same company.
Guess where the money goes if Bethesda thinks they can make more cash with the mmo..

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