zondag 13 mei 2012

LOTRO: Cynheiddon of Laurelin will have to wait.

Yesterday i tried logging into my LOTRO account, i have had a lifetime subcription since launch and decided i wanted to check the game out again as i haven't played in a long time.

When i tried logging in i got a password error, since i wasn't 100% sure i had the right passsword i figured to just use the password recovery, no big deal right?

So i did, after waiting a few hours for an email to arrive (and numerous attempts with different passwords), i decided to try the "forgotten username" option, eventhough i am pretty sure the username was right (i have mails from the codemasters/turbine transfer thing that state my username, but that gave me an error stating that the email has no account associated with it...

I am pretty damn sure that email was right as i use a seperate email especially for LOTRO, but just to be sure i tried my other email adresses with the same results.

Another thing i noticed was that on the email adress i used for LOTRO i had been recieving emails from Turbine right up until Jan of this year on a regular base (you know the storedeals and stuff) and after that nothing.

So that got me thinking and figured either my account has been closed or locked or something by Turbine ( i only played once after the codemasters/Turbine move) or my account got hacked and someone changed the email and password (would explain why i can't log in).
I can find my LOTRO profile and character (or at least i figure it's mine since it's my username and my main character Cynheiddon) on myLOTRO but can't figure out if there was any activity on the account.

So i decided to contact CS and see if they can help figuring out what's going on.
So far i only got one autogenerated email giving me tips to get into my account, basicly saying try password recovery or try the forgotten username thing, which i obviously allready tried..

Anyways hoping to get this resolved quickly.

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