vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Taking my time in Diablo 3

Progress on my Demon Hunter has been somewhat slow (i think), she is currently at level 13.
I feel i am going slow because i am taking my time, if i have to go to a dungeon for a quest i usually take my time an explore the entire map and killing all mobs before even going into the dungeon to continue the quest.

Now i could of course rush through it and just do the main storyline quests but where would the fun be in that.

If i would have started in hardcore i wouldn't have made it to lvl 13 though as my Demon Hunter died at lvl 11, somehow i wasn't paying attention to my lifebar and ended up dead.
Though i think normal mode is pretty easy, as i haven't used any potions yet, but this one particular time i wasn't keeping my distance from the mobs and just got overwhelmed, so if this would have been hardcore it would have been the end and i would have to start over.
I hardly see my lifebar go down below half, so i just wasn't paying any attention to it or i would have used a potion, i think, at that time i had over 40 in my bags.

It's not a big deal but it would have been nice to make it through the game without dying :)
Right now i feel like after i finish on normal i would like to get through it on hardcore, but yeah, let's first play it through, i also wanna try all the other classes just to see which one i like the most and then get that class through on hardcore.

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