dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Even a dragonborn needs a job!

Of course slaying dragons and bandits every day or exploring dungeons does get quite boring after a while, even for a dragonborn.

So when i found this mod i was very curious, it's called: Katixas Ciderhouse Restaurant and what it does ?
Well it gives you a restaurant, where you cook food for your customers and make cider.
The cider process actually takes some time (ingame) as you first need apples and by using some eleborate machinery you turn that into bottled cider.

Actually i do a very bad job in describing it, just go to the link on nexus and see for yourself and/or watch this video :)

All in all a mod that is quite entertaining and gives hope for future mods, cause the possiblilities seem endless.
This mod also shows why i love games like Oblivion, Fallout and Skyrim so much...

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