donderdag 20 maart 2008

Kill me allready !

tabula_rasa 2008-03-20 01-40-30-12

Decided to go back to Arieki Plains and the Mires to work a bit more on my ToO there. finally got all the "kill" quests done, funny how hard it is to find them when you need to kill them, all i have left now is the story missions.

I also finished the "Brann Hybrid" quest, same thing here, normally you run into a Bane patrol and they have at least 1 or 2 caretakers with them, for this quest i had to get myself killed by a caretaker and of course none of the patrols i ran into had any caretakers with them, tried for quite some time to find one but no luck.

So i decided to go into an instance and hopefully find some caretakers there, i went into the Brann Communication tower instance and luckily i found a group with 2 caretakers, manage to kill the boss and all other bane and unfortianatly 1 caretaker died also, manage to get the last caretaker away from the dead Bane so he stopped bringing them back, got him to attack me and removed all my armor and just waited... and waited, think it took the caretaker at least 10 mins (or more, at least that's what it felt like), every now and then i'd have to hit him to keep agro or stop him from walking away but he finally managed to kill me.
Overall i think this was a pretty fun quest to do, great story, personally liked it a lot more than the Forean hybrid quest.

So now, next to a Forean hybrid i can also make a Brann hybrid.

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