zondag 30 maart 2008

My thoughts on the latest patch


Have to say overall this patch is great.
Like the faster rate of fire on the TSR, but without the "charging" (which i thought i hated) it feels less like a sniper rifle.
It also looks cool to have a visual effect on stealth armor again, like they had in beta.

I somewhat like the new tokens, but major downside to it, is the same that happend when cp's where part of the ToO, a lot of whining, abuse and whatnot, people are constantly complaining about other people taking cp's when they wanted to "farm" assault tokens.
People seem to expect other players to adjust to their playing style just so they can farm.
Well just to bad, i have been defending/taking cp's since launch (and beta) because i like doing that and i will defianatly not change my playing style so some other player can have their farming done. To me it makes no sense to let a cp in enemy hands so someone can farm, we are fighting a war against the bane!

I am really digging these new Kael's, the way they attack is awesome, first time i saw one jumping at me i was sniping from a watchtower, when one of them jumped right through the window and attacked me.
I also noticed some new graphics on other mobs which looked awesome, like the boss linkers that spawn when the Imperial Valley is under bane attack.

I am also kind of mixed on the new xp, getting to the next level goes a lot faster now, i am allready up to lvl 40 on my sniper, two levels in a very short time, mostly by defending bases.

It took me a little time to adjust to this patch but it is still fun to go out and snipe :)

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