maandag 17 maart 2008

Admiring the Mires


I haven't finished Incline and Plains yet but thought of checking out Mires, first i thought of just having a look but once i started taking missions..
Well so far did most of the missions there, got all logos. That almost got me to level 33, so i went back to Incline to do some base defending (grinding) at Ortho Base and i am now a level 33 Sniper.

I am also having a lot of fun just going out onto the battlefield and snipe, so after reading up on the patch notes on Torqueshell rifles i am a bit worried, to me it looks a lot like a nerfbat, but i might be wrong.

The only sniper specific skills i have right now is Torqueshell (2), Target Painting (2) and so far Target Painting doesn't benefit me much, usually the target is too far away to use it (looks like at 60m or more i do mostly get the one shot kills) anything closer, where i can use it, i mostly have to use 2-3 shots but by then a target gets too close anyway, because of the time it takes to "set up my shot" and i have to start using Machine guns (it looks kind of silly holding a Torqueshell rifle in a Thrax's face and shooting him point blank).

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