zondag 9 maart 2008

I hate Striders

tabula_rasa 2008-03-08 18-42-54-32

I've been doing a lot of missions with my Ranger, went out and finished up all missions in Divide and only have a very few left in Palisades.
Decided to go have a look at the next planet, so went to Torden Plains on Arieki, what an awesome looking planet :)

Been doing quite a bunch of missions and reached level 27 there and a couple of nice titles like The Stidernator, soldier of prey, The Diffuser, The Coroner and Salvager of Shinys.

The battlefield outside Irendas Colony is awesome, loving the sound effects, really like these "battlefields", but i do hate those striders, i have a good EMP rifle but they're still very tough to beat solo, my best bet to beat them solo is use lots of class V EMP bombs or keep my distance or hide up in the lookout tower and take my shots and use polarity field and lightning on them, but when it gets up close i have to use EMP bombs or take a trip to the hospital.

I always thought Divide was great but so far Arieki is way cooler :)

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