woensdag 19 maart 2008

Move out..


I am still at level 33, allready started at Valverde Plateau, i like to explore and wanted to check out Plateau and as usual i started a whole bunch of missions here.

Still have some stuff to do in Arieki Plains and Mires, mostly some ToO's and a couple of instances, like both Atta colonies and Phanin Research.
Funny thing is my ToO for Plains allready says finished eventhough i haven´t completed the story missions, i noticed an update/completed message when i logged in the other day and it said story missions completed, (i am sure this is a bug as i have not completed the Atta colony and Phanin Research yet i am sure those are part of the story missions).

Found one of the questlines very interresting, i think it started with a quest called Discovery and only just found out it´s actually the Brann hybrid quest :), i still have to kill some caretakers to get to the last part, but of course when you need them they´re nowhere to be found..

Also had quite a bit of fun spending some of my playsessions by just going out and do some sniping.

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