zondag 16 maart 2008

A fun couple of days


Been doing a lot of stuff the last few days, most at Torden Incline, did a lot of base defending at Ortho Post (great for XP) reached lvl 31 there, Did the communication tower instance and did the Raksha Robotic Facility, did both solo, the comm tower wasn't too difficult at level 31 but the robotics facility was quite difficult, if you go there i recommend taking lots of ammo for chainguns, i used an EMP and an laser (some droids are immune to emp) chaingun and must have spend well over 15000 rounds and at least 25 emp bombs and i still died countless times).
It's not the mobs that are that tough but the amount of them, they keep respawning until you destroy the bot generators.

I also gathered up all of the Logos and i am pretty much done here except for the Ojass Atta Colony (i also still have to do the Kardash Atta Colony in Plains) and a few of the ToO's.

I also found a nice spot to snipe at in Plains when the Lightning fields outpost is under Bane control, it's lots of fun taking them out one by one from 60-80 meters away, than destroy the shield and see the AFS NPC's take the base :)

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