maandag 3 maart 2008

Tabula Rasa

tabula_rasa 2008-03-02 08-08-07-82

Been playing quite a bit with my Biotechnician this weekend, leveled up to 20.
Finished up everything in Wilderness that i still needed to do for ToO, one boss at Lower Eloh Creek that i somehow missed and the last 2 instances, Crater Lake Research and Pravus Research, including the Logos that are there.
Also picked up every mission i could find that i didn't do and finished them all.
Now it's on to Divide.

I have to admit i love being an altaholic, i have characters for each class in Tier 3 (4 chars) and i plan to have them in all tier 4 classes (8 chars), it's a lot of fun to try out all classes and as a bonus i won't reach the level cap too soon :)

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