woensdag 5 maart 2008

Tabula Rasa


Didn't do a whole lot in game today but i did go out with my Biotechnician, killed the Meatgrinder and manage to take down that second Stalker i needed for a mission and went to search for Splatter, went to the spot where i killed him with my Ranger a while ago and spent some time there but no luck :)
He's the last bos i need to complete all my missions.
Did get the "Divide Veteran" title, also did get to level 21.
Also did a little bit of base defending with my Ranger and got to level 26, "only" 4 more levels till i hit 30..

Also have been working on AFS Soldiers quite a bit so haven't done as much gaming as i would have liked in the last couple of days.
Of course if you like Tabula Rasa, go over to www.afs-soldiers.com and join a growing community!

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