zondag 23 maart 2008

Moving on !!


I have not been posting a lot. but i did a lot of gaming the last few days.
I am basicly done with Mires, Incline and Plains, done all of the remaining missions in Plains and did the Kardash Atta Colony, which was pretty easy at the level i was at (think it was around lvl 33), got the Phanin Research Facility missions from that as a follow up.
But both of these missions finally completed my ToO quests for Plains.

Then i went back to Mires and did, the Bane Fluxite mines (fun but tough), the Energy Weapon Center, i really liked this instance it was short and was a lot of fun and i think it had a nice story to it.
And i did the last instance there, Tahendra Base, i didn't like that one very much, it was a bit buggy and pretty hard finding my way to the mission waypoints. although i have to say it was fun having some pets with me in this one and the story was pretty good.
After finishing these three instannces i finally found the last mission chain i needed to finish to complete my ToO for Mires.

And in Incline i finally did the Osaja Atta Colony, by that time i really started to hate the Atta :)
But it was a fun instance luckily not as big as the other Atta instance and thanfully i read up about this one on TenTon Hammer, so i knew how to avoid a few bugs and such, so this instance went pretty smooth.
This instance updated my ToO, so i could finsih that one too.

After all this i went to Valverde Plateau and did a lot of missions until i felt i was running into missions that were to tough for my Sniper, i did finally get my Vortex Logos after getting all other logos in Plateau so i can now use my "signature" ability :)
I then went to check out the Marshes, were my Sniper is still stationed, i am doing quite a few missions there, the XP is pretty good because there are mobs that i can take down that are higher than my level and give a 1000 or more XP per kill, so i like to just go out and snipe.
I really think the Marshes look damn good and i like the sounds here.

All in all this brought my Sniper to level 36 :)

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