zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Allods Online, doing the right thing.

AOgame 2010-03-06 18-58-17-07

OK, i'll admit it, i was one of those (probably very few) that actually did buy the 20 dollar bags.
Do i think the (very) little extra bag space was worth it,... hell no, it was definatly not, not for the bag space.
However i looked at it in a different way, i was getting a little extra bag space and with that 20 dollars i support a F2P game that i actually enjoy playing.

Of course we all know there was a huge uproar about the pricing and we also know they lowered the cash shop prices.
But yeah, i payed 20 dollars for the bag before they lowered the prices, well guess what?
They actually went back and priced my bag at the current price and put the rest of the gPotatoes (points) back into my account.

So i guess one could say that they are definatly trying to do things right, eventhough they didn't have to, afterall i agreed to the 20 dollar price when i bought it but still they went back and gave me back credit for the "overpricing".

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