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Allods Online, Giving it a second chance and liking it.

AOgame 2010-02-28 20-59-53-32

I have been playing a lot of Allods Online, although i did get pretty close to quiting it.
My first character (Cynfull) is a warrior on the League side and i have level 10 with her.
But the kill stealing was so bad that it really took the fun out of the game, well technically it isn't kill stealing, because as soon as you land the first hit on the mob it's yours no matter what happens.
However as a warrior it's very hard to get a mob everyone is after, as what usually happens i see a mob and before i can reach it some mage comes along and from a distance castes a fireball and takes the mob, even if i still kill it i will not get credit for it.
As a warrior theres really no way to getting to a mob fast unless you are standing right next to it, i do have one ranged attack but that takes 4 seconds to fire.

So i got really close to quit the game, but decided to give it another change, this time i rolled a scout (stalker) on the Empire side (Synfull) and i have to say it's alot more fun to play, as i feel it suits me better, being ranged, and at least i have a chance to get a mob as soon as i see it as my ranged attack is instant, so the kill stealing is no a lot less.

I also feel like the the Empire has had a lot more attention from the Devs, it feels more "done", it definatly felt like i was leveling faster and so far i have to say i really prefer the Empire over the League.
It's save to say they try to put it down as the evil Empire, as one of my first quests was to beat up a couple of POW's, a quest i personally didn't like and i actually felt bad for doing, i don't know it definatly felt wrong (i know, i know it's a game, but still..).
But so far i have not had any more quests on the Empire side that were that extreme and i have generally been having a blast.

I have had a lot of fun running the XAES Dungeon, so far i have done it twice as i found out later that i got a few more quests in there to do as follow up quests for other quests.
And although it's not a raid, as it's set to max party of 6 (we tried as a raid but mobs wouldn't aggro), it has been fun doing it a second time, i even got a nice pair of (blue) dual daggers from it, and i definatly enjoyed my part, just staying in the back of the group and fire those arrows and try to do as much DPS as i can :)

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So far i never had the urge to do raids, as a matter of fact i always tried to stay away from them, but now i think it might actually be a lot of fun doing raids, i mean not like being a full time raider, but more like a casual raider.
I do sometimes listen to some talk about raids in WoW where people actually "study" the raid and memorize a complete "choreography" to do a dungeon, i admire those people and the efforts they put into it to do it "right" and i do enjoy reading/listening to those stories, but it's not what i would like to do, i just wanna go in there and have fun and either we make it or we don't.

So who knows.. i might actually turn into a casual raider :)

So after all this, yes i will definatly keep playing Allods Online, i really enjoy the world and the setting and although there are quite a lot of those kill ten (or 20) rats quest, i am really enjoying the storyline quests. It's definatly an interresting world.

For the Hor.., i mean for the Empire :)

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