zondag 14 maart 2010

Please SOE: fix the Station Launcher


Lately my Station Launcher has been bugging like crazy.
When i have it running (in the background), a popup would appear in which the launcher said it was updating, it takes forever and this happens several times a day. And the worst part, it minimizes any game i am playing, even non SOE games.
Nothing is more annoying than when you are playing a game your game minimizes...

And the worse part, it never updates, the launcher itself says it's up to date, yet the window keeps popping up.

And today, the launcher suddenly decided to not remember my login/settings, which is not the first time either, it's very annoying to go through all the login and game settings again, true it doesn't happen often, but it is annoying as hell.

Right now i am thinking about removing the launcher all together and go back to launching the games through their own launchers, it's just too annoying.

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