maandag 15 maart 2010

Free 2 Play versus Subscription

AOgame 2010-03-15 01-35-02-21

Lately i have been looking a lot at Free2Play games, like Allods Online (which i've been enjoying quite a bit), i have re-installed Runes of Magic & Sword of the New World, signed up for Aika Online and i am still looking for more.

I might not keep playing some of them, but that's why i am trying out/returning to so many games.

The main reason behind it is that i am currently paying for so many subscriptions, yet i play most of them very little.
Right now i feel like i don't have a game that "i wann go home and play" with, i use to have that with Star Wars Galaxies and Tabula Rasa. So right now i am "jumping from" game to game, cause i like to play all of them, yet i feel i don't play them enough.

Currently i am subscribed to Age of Conan, Fallen Earth, World of Warcraft, i have the SOE Station Access so i can play Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard, Pirates of the Burning Sea. I also have lifetime subs for Lord of the Rings Online and Star Trek Online.
Looking at my gameplay hours on Raptr and Xfire, i have to conclude that i do play those games, but over a long period, it's very little and more and more i am beginning to doubt if it is worth the subscriptions i am paying, i tend to play a game fora few days (sometimes) and really enjoy it but then i move to another game and some games i don't play for several months, yet i am still paying for them.

So i guess the Free2Play model is really starting to sound more and more interresting, although looking at the games you can't really compare the to subs based games (yet), although i think Allods Online is on the right path. I can spend a little money here or there to support the game and if i am not playing, well i am not paying so..

I also really enjoy the lifetime subs, sure they're a lot of money at the start but i think in the long run it will pay off as i never have to pay for a sub and i don't feel as guilty if i don't play them for a long while.

So until i find that one game that i wanne go home for to log in, i guess i'll keep jumping from game to game..

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