zaterdag 20 maart 2010

You've lost that lovin' feelin'

Somehow i think that, the problems i am having with MMO's nowadays is mostly due to that feeling of being in that first MMO you play.

For me that was Star Wars Galaxies, way back in 2004, before i had mainly played shooters and simracing games. After playing Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic and quite a bit of "forum roleplaying" in the Star Wars universe, i really had an itch for (role)playing inside a universe with actual graphics, at that time SWG was being launched so obviously i was all over it :)
Unfortianatly my PC at that time couldn't handle SWG, so i had to upgrade, which of course i did as soon as i could.
So when that first day came and i logged in a whole new (scary) world/universe opened up for me, a world of adventure, exploration and new encounters and very important: the unknown.

Why is it, i am not finding that in any new MMO?
Is it because essentially nothing is really new, because all MMO's are technicly the same?
It probably is.

It's probably also the reason why so many MMO's fail to meet the hype that's created around them.
Many people are probably like me and with each new MMO we hope this one will capture that feeling we had in our first MMO.
I still have my hopes up for an MMO to show up to give me that feeling again, but i doubt this will ever happen.

For now there isn't much on my horizon, but i do have some hope for Star Wars: The Old Republic, although i doubt it will live up to those expectations, i have no doubt it's gonna be a great game, but i am pretty sure it will not be "the second coming", and no doubt many bloggers/MMO players will be dissapointed.
As for me, well i'll probably play it and enjoy it for what it is, but i doubt it's going to bring back that "feeling".

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  1. I agree with you that games seem so placid today. Each new MMO rants and raves how they will change the landscape, but each one falls flat.

    Why can't we get beyond this G-Rated culture where it is all levels, silly quests, and channels filled with the ravings of idiocy.

    Make a game that is a completely open sandbox games not tied to a model of appeasing the young or the civil consciousness. No classes, no levels, no skills -- Death to the kill ten rats epic loop. Create a game where if you want to communicate with others you have to do something more than troll channels, stirring up trouble with inane diatribe.