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Dragon Age: (A Rough) Awakening

DAOrigins 2010-03-21 13-04-04-72

First impression of Dragon Age: Awakening, was one of suprise, i imported my character and was very suprised to see her show up without armor and weapons. Turns out non of the previous DLC works with this expension, so my character started fighting in her underwear and without "Starfang" that awesome sword.
DAOrigins 2010-03-20 16-31-21-17
In my opinion a bad choice, afterall this is an expension to the original, so i should have access to all the DLC.

As soon as i started playing, i started having crashing issues, first idea i had was to turn off any/all third party mods, which seem to stop the crashing, so yeah third party mods not (yet) working with the new expension.

I managed to get quite a few hours into the game and am now at the point where i entered "The Fade" and there is no way to keep going, the game just keeps crashing to the desktop, no matter what i try.
So far it has been a nice experience, i did enjoy the story, but i do get a little feeling that there's more EA behind this expansion than BioWare, as in EA pushing BioWare to publish despite some problems and also to me it feels a bit unfinished, especially if you can't use any of the previous DLC.
It just feels like it was rushed out of the door to keep the Dragon Age franchise "hot".

I am hoping for some patches soon, as it seems more people are having these crashing issues, until this expansion i had no issues with Dragon Age besides the loading times getting longer and longer as you play(which i am also experiencing with this expansion), but that was no issue to me as i would ussually take a little time and save and restart the game.
It also seems that EA does not support this game for Windows 7 64-bit, their "advise" install another operating system.... Now i know EA is only the publisher, but that's not the kind of advise you want to hear.

I am just hoping i am seeing things that aren't there and that BioWare is still in full control of their IP's, but then again the recent news about EA's expectations for Star Wars: The Old Republic are not very encouraging.
I am still having some trust in BioWare and will wait for a patch to come out soon that will fix some of the issues. In the mean time i will keep trying to get past the fade, so that i can (hopefully) continue this game.
Anyways, hope that, when you are reading this, you are not having the same problems..

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