donderdag 18 maart 2010

Finding bits of lore in Age of Conan

I just love finding bits of lore that happen unexpected.
Recently in Age of Conan i came across one of those, at first i didn't realise it.

I was just riding alongs towards my next quest objective when i noticed someone standing besides the road that i didn't see there before. As she didn't turn up agressive i got curious and decided to move in a little closer.

AgeOfConanDX10 2010-02-23 15-34-01-12

When suddenly she yelled out:
Brothers, look who follows! I have brought you a man to slay! Take his heart that we may lay it smoking on our father's board!

That's when i realised this was the Frost Giant's Daughter, Atali and of course next her brothers showed up and started attacking me, of course they were elites.
Now of course this is not entirely how the real lore went, as in the real story Conan starts following Atali as she runs away and gets ambushed later on.

AgeOfConanDX10 2010-02-23 15-40-50-97

Unfortianatly it was a bit bugged as i managed to kill the first one but the second one i could only hit with ranged attacks and i also got stuck in place, but in the end i did manage to stay alive and kill him, didn't really get anything interresting to loot though.

In the end i definatly enjoyed this little piece of Conan lore, especially because it was so unexpected, i came across this area many times but never saw her there before.

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