donderdag 11 maart 2010

To Worlds Unknown at a new home

From today To Worlds Unknown will have a new home here at Blogger (Blogspot) on

If you are reading this through a feed reader it means that everything is working correctly and you can keep reading To Worlds Unknown this way.

I have finsihed moving most of my posts one by one for the most part, still a few months to move, so you might see some wierd things going on with the site feed, but after that it should be "business" as usual.

Unfortianatly moving the posts also meant losing all comments, which is really a shame but there was no way to move from a Nucleus CMS to Blogger in an easy way other than manually (re)posting all posts.

I really got tired of having to actively fight spam and other malicious attempts at my blogging software, so instead i decided to go with Blogger and let them worry about all that and all i have to do is just a little comment moderation :)

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