zondag 26 februari 2012

Gangstas in Space.

SaintsRowTheThird_DX11 2012-02-26 00-13-49-96

After the latest DLC released Saints Row The Third kept crashing on launch for me, luckily they were on it and it was fixed with a patch within a day.

And i have to say it was worth the wait, this latest DLC, Gangstas in Space was a lot of fun.
As in, you're starring in a bad B-Movie, over the top, shooting a lot of stuff fun.
It took me roughly 2 hours to play through it and i have to say it was too short, i was almost sad it ended allready.

Really hope Volition keeps it coming as i am really curious to see how they are going to top this.
And yes, if you  haven't played this game yet i definitely recommend it.

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