woensdag 8 februari 2012

Going back in time with the Sims.

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I have been playing a lot of The Sims 3 lately, really enjoying it.
I also (finally) started playing The Sims Medieval again, i only briefly played it when it came out.

Initianally i never got into it because it is quite different than playing The Sims 3, where The Sims 3 is quite the "open world", The Sims Medieval is not.
It is heavily quest based and very little open world, i don't know if later on the world will "unlock" for me to freeplay, but right now i basicly look at the questlist for available quests and choose one, when i finish a quest, i get the rewards for it and get to pick another quest.

Most of the time you have to pick a main character, that can be your king/queen or if another character is needed you will have to pick them (like a doctor or spy) and often you also get to choose a secondary character that will play as a support role.

Often two characters will work together in solving/finishing the goals in a quest.
This is quite different from The Sims 3, as usually you play with just one character (or a family), in The Sims Medieval you get to play all sorts of characters like the king/queen, a doctor, a spy, a wizzard etc.
Although you have to unlock these so called hero characters by doing quests and earn points to buy/unlock facilities for them.

So far i have been having a lot of fun playing through the quests as they have many, sometimes surprising, twists and turns depending on the characters and their traits.

And the expansion The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles ads a lot of more options/fun to the game.

So, yeah if you like the sims and some questbased gaming you might like The Sims Medieval just as much as i do :)

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