woensdag 22 februari 2012

SWTOR: Get that datacron or fail

swtor 2012-02-18 21-39-51-58

While out questing on Tatooine with my Sith warrior, in and around Mos Ila i spotted a datacron after turning in a quest, now i had past this spot several times before i noticed it. It was up on a roof and i though how hard could it be?
So i decided to have a go for it and boy was i in for a surprise..

What followed was a 3 hour trial of patience, yes it took me 3 hours of jumping and falling off ledges.

It was easily one of my most frustrating experiences, some of the ledges and pipes that looked like they were easy to get to were in fact very difficult, it almost felt like the spot were you could land was way smaller than it looked.
I was streaming my gameplay while i  was trying this, but eventually turned it of to reduce some framedrop/lag in the hopes of making it a bit easier.

swtor 2012-02-18 21-40-22-01

Now i have to admit, when i finally did reach the datacron it felt pretty good, but i still can't forget it took me 3 hours of frustrations.
I had the plan of saving this "datacron hunting" until i reached max level and after this experience i am probably not going to be trying this kind of stuff again anytime soon.

I do hope they are not all this difficult to reach.

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