maandag 20 februari 2012

Today i am ashamed to be a gamer...

I allready knew the internet can be a very shitty place, but just when you think it couldn't get any worse something like this pops up (see link below).
If this is what gamers are about then i am ashamed to be called a gamer....

Personal attacks like this are just not right.

I always thought it was pretty amazing there were so many BioWare people out there on the social networks and i really hope this is not going to destroy all the great stuff they have been doing over social media like twitter.

Today i am ashamed to be a gamer...

BioWare writer's vagina versus the Internet -Destructoid

Edit: more articles:
The ire of the internet gets it wrong.
Gamers Launch Harassment Campaign Against BioWare Writer.
This is why gamers can't have nice things - the Jennifer Hepler 'debate'
Inclusion: What Jennifer Hepler's Story is All About

Sign the petition to support Jennifer Hepler!

BioWare Corp: Come Out Publicly in Support of Jennifer Hepler

BioWare statement:

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