woensdag 15 februari 2012

Mass Effect 3: More FemShep

MassEffect3Demo 2012-02-15 20-13-19-39

Eventhough i initially felt like i didn't wanna spoil anything by playing the demo (i allready pre-ordered), i am somewhat glad i did, i really think they are not giving much away with the demo, which is good.

You initially start at the beginning of course, which is somewhat of a tutorial on how to move and such and it sets up the story (invasion of the reapers).
After that tutorial you basicly advance to a later part in the story (you are suddenly level 14 i think) and play one level and that's it.

I did however like the fact that i could import my Mass Effect 1 & 2 character into the demo, by using the character code.
Apart from the hair color, i am pretty sure my character was a redhead, she looks pretty good.

It felt really good to see her again and can't wait for the release of the full game and see what trouble she gets into now :)

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