woensdag 8 februari 2012

More Origin/EA account problems.

In a post (Thanks EA, for not making it complicated...) not that long ago I wrote about the problems I was having trying to get my 3 EA/Origin accounts merged into one account.
According to EA CS this was not possible (personally think that's a lot of BS).

So on to my new problem.
I recently bought some simpoints through Origin and only after the purchase noticed I was logged into my main Origin/EA account (which logs in automatically) and not on my "sims account".

The simpoints were automatically credited to the main EA/Origin account, without a serial key or anything else given that would allow me to transfer/give it to my sims account.
So now I am stuck with simpoints on my main account and since that is not a sims account i can't use them.

I have contacted EA CS about this issue and they would contact me back (apperantly they abandoned the ticket system, hmm wonder why.. :) ).

Anyways it has been 2 days and they still have to contact me, so yet another bad EA/Origin Customer "Service" experience for me.
And it also leaves me to wonder how long it's gonna take to get this "fixed".

If they would just give us the option to merge accounts this would not be a problem at all, afterall i allready contacted them about this and allready told them i was afraid something like this might happen, if you have 3 accounts and forget you are not logged into the right account it's an easy mistake to make.

I never asked for 3 accounts, so give me an option to merge them, or let me transfer all of my stuff into 1 account.

Oh man how much i love Steam!!

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Sara. I work for Electronic Arts. I was forwarded your post, so that we could help you with resolving this. Would you mind sending me your preferred method of contact, so that we can discuss this?


    Sara B.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the response and thanks to whoever forwarded it :)
    You can contact me through my email hauntshade(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I am glad to say the simspoints issue has been worked out pretty quick by Sara.
    It's good to see that it's not all bad :)
    Really a great experience.