zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Mass Effect MMO a possibility?

A really interresting article on Penny Arcade (The doctors from BioWare discuss the Old Republic launch, ending a trilogy, and a Mass Effect MMO) were they interview the doctors and of course eventually come to the "rumor" of a Mass Effect MMO and eventhough they are not saying yes, there is also not a no in there, so jumping the conclusion: yes a possibility.

Of course the biggest question, besides will it happen or not, is how they would pull this off, i mean imagine a 1000 Shepards running around going after the same mobs.

But then again if anyone could pull this off, it would definitely be BioWare.
The Mass Effect universe/lore definitely has a lot of potential for making a great MMO.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Mass Effect MMO :)

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