zaterdag 11 februari 2012

SWTOR: Having a look at the other side.

swtor 2012-02-11 01-35-27-80

FInally been getting back into SWTOR and also found out i've not been paying much attention to my skills :)
I found that in particular one of my smuggler skills was very good when dealing with bosses.
I had this one fight with my smuggler (i can't remember the boss, but it was a solo mission) that i just kept dying at and couldn't get that boss down.

That is until i finally figured out that if i used my "distraction" skill (which is basicly an interrupt) at the right moment i could prevent a boss from executing his special attack and as a result i would not get as much damage and could survive longer, and of course deal more damage to get that boss down. Until now i never really used that skill.
Guess that's what you get for not paying attention to your skills, yes i know i am a noob :)

Things definitely got a bit easier now, however getting the timing wrong on hitting that skill a few times and i still loose the fights :)

swtor 2012-02-11 09-06-02-93

I also started a new alt (i have a few more alts but those were mostly for "reserving" a few names, as i do intent to try out all classes), this time i thought i would have a look at "the other side" and made a Sith Warrior, first ten levels have been a blast, storyline is really cool and combat with a lightsaber is definitely more fun than i thought it would be :)
I didn't think i would enjoy a lightsaber class, i think Star Wars Galaxies (NGE) kinda spoiled Jedi for me.
I decided to take him down the Sith Marauder tree, which is a pure dps class.
Of course i went with a Sith Pureblood and not only does he look very arrogant and mean, he is, although he does seem to have a soft spot for women :)

I do try and go with the dark side choices a lot, although sometimes there are choices that i just can't take the dark option and end up with light side (remember the soft spot for women), so there goes my evil sith :)

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